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New in 2010

Two Substrate Enzyme Kinetics
          7 new models for random and ordered reactions

One Substrate One Activator Enzyme Kinetics
          8 new models for essential and non-essential enzyme activation

Tight Binding Enzyme Kinetics
          4 new models for tight binding inhibitor kinetics

Equilibrium Binding Reactions
          8 new models for one and two site binding reactions

One Site Binding Calculator
          New calculator for determining bound and free concentrations of ligands

Two Substrate Kinetic Data

VisualEnzymics provides seven equations for fitting two substrate steady state rate saturation profiles. These include Ordered Bi Uni, Random Bi Bi, Random Bi Bi with Product Inhibition, Random Bi Bi with Substrate Inhibition, Ping Pong, Ping Pong with Competitive Substrate Inhibition, and Ping Pong with Double Competitive Substrate Inhibition.
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One Substrate One Activator

VisualEnzymics provides eight equations for fitting enzyme reactions that display essential and non-essential activation by metal ions or ligands. These include reactions where the activator binds to the substrate and the true substrate is the substrate-activator complex, and reactions where the activator binds to the enzyme in an activator site.
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Tight Binding Kinetics

VisualEnzymics provides four equations for tight binding competitive, uncompetitive, noncompetitive, and mixed inhibition. These equations apply to reactions where the inhibitor Kd approximates the enzyme concentration, and where the true kinetic equation includes a quadratic term to correct for inhibitor depletion due to binding.
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Equilibrium Binding

VisualEnzymics provides eight equations for analysis of ligand binding to one or two sites, as well as competitive binding reactions to one site. The equations provide quadratic and cubic solutions to binding equilibria under conditions where all the ligands are present at similar concentrations, and the equations fit for the true binding constants.
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One Step Binding Calculator

VisualEnzymics provides a new calculator for computing the concentrations of bound and free ligands in a one step binding reaction. The calculator provides an easy way to visualize the binding curve for various combinations of Kd, enzyme concentration, and ligand concentration.
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Data Masking

VisualEnzymics gives the user the option to include or exclude data points in curve fits by selecting data in the graph window. Points can be masked or unmasked with the marquee and popup menu. More than one point can be masked from different parts of the same curve, or multiple points on separate data curves. Visually, masked points are dimmed in the graph window to indicate that they are not included in the current fit. Statistical reports indicate which points have been excluded in the reported results.

Data masking can be used to identify regions of the curve fit that are most sensitive to data variation. By comparing curve fits that include or exclude specific data, new experiments can be designed that incorporate more data in the sensitive regions. More data and better experimental design provide higher confidence in discriminating between competing kinetic models.


Parallel Processing

VisualEnzymics now uses Igor Pro's built in support for multi-processor curve fitting. Select the multi-processor option to generate independent computational threads on each core. The software will automatically detect the number of processors in the computer and then generate as many computational threads as there are processors.

Parallel processing can speed up computation when fitting large data sets to complex kinetic models.


Igor Pro 6

VisualEnzymics supports all the functionality of the latest Igor Pro release. Igor Pro 6 on Macintosh now runs natively on either Intel or Power PC processors. New features in Igor Pro 6 include a statistics package with >150 new  capabilities for analyzing data, 33 example experiments in the statistics folder, multi-processor capabilities for curve fitting, quick fit menu to skip the standard curve fitting dialog, curve fitting with orthogonal distance regression algorithm, automatic annotation of fit results added to graphs, improved drawing capabilities in layouts, panels, and graphs, external tool palettes for  graphics windows, new graph Fling feature to slide graph contents in all directions, improved table formatting and functionality, magnifiers for all text windows, new action commands from notebook text links, improved listbox controls for creating complex listboxes that display graphs and images, floating panel capabilities, exterior subwindow panels, new matrix math operations………. and many more. If you analyze scientific data, Igor Pro is the top choice for Macs and PCs.


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